Feel Good Thursday

— OH YEAH, IT’S THURSDAY \ 26 July 2012 —

Wookiee Jesus by The Oatmeal

Finally got my Wookiee Jesus.

It’s from this oatmeal comic, The pros and cons of living with your significant other. But the Mexican fails to get the joke, probably because he is the one who insisted having the gigantic floor-to-ceiling poster of UB40 in the living room. Fine, if UB40 stays, the Wookiee Jesus will get wall space too.

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Dwight Schrute by Sam Spratt

Dwight by Sam Spratt.
bears. beets. battlestar galactica.
How does one resist.

society 6 | Sam Spratt


Because you can’t help it but replay.

Click, Clack… Ooh!

Sometimes I blog just so I can type.

The sound of fingers hitting those German-engineered mechanical keys is practically typists’ porn.

Das Keyboard: The mechanical keyboard that clicks