Feel Good Thursday

— OH YEAH, IT’S THURSDAY \ 17 May 2012 —

I love moustache. The fake kind.

Tried a new cafe (there’s always a new cafe springing up in the middle of nowhere in Singapore) today at Everton Park. Took an empty cup from them ‘cos I can’t resist a good moustache. The rest is what I have on my office desk. Yep, sombrero and joke glasses. Nothing slice through tension better than sombrero and joke glasses.

Feel Good Thursday

— OH YEAH, IT’S THURSDAY \ 30 Jun 2011 —

After a long hiatus, from Mexico and back, from insomnia to sleeping somewhat (keeping fingers crossed) nicely these days, I’m back again to praise things that makes me feel good this Thursday. I tell you, Sleep is the most wonderful thing.

Anthropomorphically happy inanimate objects left on my table by sweet colleague that to be discovered in the morning

Mystery Morning Greeter

Cheeky Yakult