Supermoon and Super PMS

super moon

This summer of 2014 will be bathed in super moonlight as three “supermoons” occur in consective months: July 12, August 10, and September 9.

I have seen major outbreaks of PMS around me.


Case Study 1
A few weeks ago
On the way to work, from Tampines Interchange to MRT

A heavily pregnant chinese woman walking towards the MRT with her Indian husband. She has scolding him all the way, scolding him for taking his own sweet time to take a shower thus making them both late for work. “ASK YOU TO GO SHOWER YOU DONT WANT! TAKE SO LONG TO SHOWER! NOW WE LATE!!” The poor dude just hang his head down, silently taking it all in. The woman got more and more pissed off by his silence, then grabbed her bag out of the guy’s hand, “I CARRY MYSELF!”. Then tried storming off, but since she is heavily pregnant, she could only managed to be a few steps in front of the husband.


Case Study 2
4 Sept 2014 (Thursday)
Sushi Express at Tampines One

I was having a peaceful dinner alone. It was a good night, there’s seared tuna and salmon. sitting on my right was a mother-daughter pair. further down right, the seats have just been emptied.

A girl. A beautiful girl about the age of 25, with neatly tied bun and dancer’s post-performance makeup walked in and stand by the edge of the empty seats. I thought she was just there for takeaway as that the place that the takeaway-ers normally stands. She then asked about some fish availability and then got slightly pissed when the staffs told her it’s sold out. Then she snapped at the waiting staff if they could just take the empty seats. Then the snapping starts.

Sharp whispers filtered down from 3 seats down. Hissing. She was whining about the sold-out fishes. Something about it’s all the boyfriend’s fault. That because he wasted time, they ran out of the damn fish. Sharp hissing continues for a while. Then suddenly PLANK!!, a pair of chopsticks flew across the table, landing on top of the plates of the daughter person of the mother-daughter pair.

The guy offered to leave, she refused. After more “IF YOU HAVEN’T PROVOKED ME, I WOULDN’T GET PISSED OFF!”, the guy left. Then having had my fill, I left too. After I have done my grocery run nearby and passed by Sushi Express, that mad cow is still there, texting furiously.


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