National Day Feel Good Thursday


Singapore’s 47th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Singapore.

Singaporeans love to complain. It’s a national sport. But today, we put down our grievance and politic leaning, and celebrate this nation that almost didn’t happen. People says our education system is too rigid and strict, but I say it’s better to have a standardalised rock-solid system than one where the offering is vastly difference between the rich and the poor. People says our law is too strict, but there is a reason for it. I have tasted the rigidity of our immigration law at first hand. It rips my heart apart. I can’t say I understand but I’ll respect it. And we will work harder next round to make it work. I have travelled and back. I have been climbed Zakopane in inappropriate attire, ate numerous bagels at 3am in Brick Lane in druken stupor, got hopelessly lost in Budapest and lived in Mexico City on and off, but I am still the girl living in Yishun Ring Road, running off to Chong Pang Market in slippers, with $1.50 in sweaty palm, for a packet of banana leave wrapped Char kway teow,in a merlion motif plastic bag. The girl who sing Count on me, Singapore loudly and proudly without feeling its true meaning until my 30s. We have our differences but I love you to bits nonetheless. I’m very proud to call myself a Singaporean. Happy 47th Birthday, my dear Motherland.

Cats & Laser

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Pets and laser. Hours of fun.


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