of mice clicking in unison

There have been a few online bullying these days that can easily leaves one in despair just thinking about modern day morality. What is wrong with people? where did all the self-entitlement and hard-ass confidence come from?

First it’s our home-grown blogger queen, Xiaxue, being called a Geylang Chicken in various uninspiring ways. I’m not saying I like her but I definitely don’t hate her. Although Xiaxue’s method of dealing with those bugger is a tad vicious, I gotta admit I admire her ass-kickery skill, and really, those men had it coming. If you don’t like something, you just close your browser tab. You don’t even have to close your Internet Explorer. And they are rather silly to post malicious comments using their real FaceBook account, with their family photo as their profile pics. And what I don’t understand most are the wives of these men who failed to understand what their men had did wrong. Women, what’s going on?! Love is blind, yes, but don’t tah stamp your eyes (be so ignorant) to the point that you can’t see that major character flaw in your partner. But that’s another rant for another day.

Then there’s the etsy’s featured seller Ecologica Malibu, who passes factory work for handmade pieces. What irked people was the way etsy twisted and turned their word to defend the seller and the way the seller reacted upon exposure. They had a dimwit lawyer who can’t write good to act on their behalf. Good thing there’s still sane lawyers to save the day.

Then yesterday night, I typed the key ‘t’ and loaded the oatmeal, checking to see if there’s any fresh comic out. And I saw this headline

“FunnyJunk is threatening to file a federal lawsuit against me unless I pay $20,000 in damages”

Wait what? What’s happening? I thought that incident was long gone? Turned out that FunnyJunk was not very happy being called out, like how a bully is not happy when being pointed out as a bully, and decided that they want $20,000 to sooth their wounded pride.

This is when Matthew Inman turned from a online comic artist to semi-god. He turned THIS IS SPARTAAAAA on FunnyJunk.
He wrote an awesome retort and a perfect solution. He will raise and give the $20,000. Not to give to a douchebag lawyer and a eyesore of a website, but to bears and cancer-fighting.

He started “Operation BearLove Good Cancer Bad“. Gave it 15 days to raise the $20,000. Within an hour, that $20 grand is done deal and about 24 hours later, he’d raised over $117,000 with donations coming from over 8,000 people. At this moment, $148,917 been raised, and donations are still flowing in.

My heart can’t help but swell with pride. How this community of lurkers and anonymous give what we can to do what is right.

All these are none of our business. But the suppressed little feeling of indignation that we have accumulated from everyday life, – from fellow commuters who don’t understand why it’s rude to play their music out loud on public transport, from queue-cutters who thought nothing of jumping into a snaking queue, from co-workers who promptly leave for the day after giving you a next-morning deadline during a 6pm briefing – popped out like a 2-size-too-small shirt button when we see one of our beloved online staple being bullied like the rest of us.

I could almost hear the thousands of mice clicking in unison. Ommmmm….atmeaaaal

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