supermoon and super PMS

This summer of 2014 will be bathed in super moonlight as three “supermoons” occur in consective months: July 12, August 10, and September 9. I have seen major outbreaks of PMS around me. ————- Case Study 1 A few weeks ago On the way to work, from Tampines Interchange to MRT A heavily pregnant chinese… Read more

“Nada es sencillo. Soy maestra de Ballet y nada es sencillo.” Katerina Bilova / Hable con ella Rewatched the film again on Saturday. I have forgotten how good it is.

Don’t wake me up

i’ve been living in the frozen frame of a film rolling in an endless loop the picture you took in the moment when i don’t wake me up don’t wake me i see you standing on top of your mountain looking down from the highest dune the lens snaps to material postures don’t wake me… Read more

Fuck it, it’s just lunch

“It’s almost 11 o’clock, and I’m hungry. Do I give a flying fuck that it’s still morning? No, I do not. I’m getting food right now, and no one can do a goddamn thing to stop me.” Man Says ‘Fuck It,’ Eats Lunch At 10:58 A.M. THE ONION